SS-1 Microphone Preamp

$74.99 $49.99

•Provides up to 27dB of noise-free amplification

•Ultra-transparent JFET circuitry protects your tone

•Naturally enhances the sound of any dynamic mic

•Turns any microphone amplifier into a ribbon pre

•Boosts the signal at the source for long cable runs

Requires 48V phantom power to operate

Not compatible with condenser microphones

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The SS-1 is the simplest and most affordable of a range of 'gain-lifters' available on the market, each with different tonal characteristics or additional features and channels. The SS-1 has shown a clean, boosted reproduction of the source with some tonal artifacts that can be useful: on vocal, on guitar, on a mix. The Simply Sound Co. promotional claims are tested and accurate. No BS.

The SS-1’s solid construction will survive a lot of the banging around that is normal for gigs and location recording, and in my field use, the two SS-1 units performed silently and flawlessly. The high overload margins will accommodate a range of mic sensitivities and the dynamics of live sound. A true state-of-the-art preamp could exceed the SS-1’s performance, but at a much greater cost and questionable audible improvement. For a small studio or touring musician, the SS-1 is an inexpensive and useful accessory.

The SS-1 sounds great! I had a chance to test it out on a number of mics, and it worked well with all of them, but I want to make special mention of my very first mic: a beat-up and beloved old Shure SM57 that has served me well for decades. I replaced the large-diaphragm condenser mic that I use for my radio show with the SM57 and SS-1, and was surprised at how rich, clear, and detailed my voice sounded. I was able to back off on a lot of the corrective EQ that I usually use on my voice, and got a full and rounded tone that my audience really enjoyed.

If you own a gain hungry mic, an audio interface that isn’t as quiet with vintage gear as you’d like, or a stable of ribbon microphones, you should definitely pick up an SS-1.

As someone who has worked predominately with dynamic mics in home studio scenarios, I wish I had one of these years ago.

The SS-1 Preamp from The Simply Sound Company is a total game changer for dynamic and ribbon mics. Paired with an SM7b on vocals or an R-121 on guitar amps, the SS-1 provides exactly what you never realized those classic microphones are missing.

Brysson Rockwell
Producer & Mastering Engineer
Chris August, Derek Minor, Eddy Lover

I thought my live sound was good with my current dynamic mic set up. But when I plugged the SS-1 in it took my vocals to the next level! Truly a piece of gear that will stay in my arsenal for a lifetime.

Raymond Jacob
COO, Notes for Notes

Purchased this product to test on my streams, podcasts and vlogs. My viewers noticed a MAJOR difference in my voice when I was interacting with them. They stated I sounded like I was on the radio. All I could do was just smile from ear to ear because that's exactly what I was looking for!

Producer & Vlogger

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